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#465662 - Wish I was that lucky at your age as he walked away laughing oh and don’t let your mother find out she already knows about Miss Black remember I nodded murmured yes I will and went in the house ,Saturday arrived I was late home my tea was cold I ate it quickly changed told my parents I was going to the second house at the cinemas and would be home late . I’ve told him I will think about it (I might not get another chance) ill see what happens with us and Jill. It was we fucked like rabbits or should I say a Stallion and his two stock Mares I also fucked them in the shower from the back as they leaned forward their hands on the wall their father sometimes looked after the shop while we were up stairs I never ever met him this lasted for over a year .

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Reiji kizaki
Aj applegate
Very hot
Mari ohara
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A great model for harsh punishments