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#208073 - Almost as if under hypnosis, she said to Mandy, Look what came special delivery yesterday, what do you think? Dani had since stood up and stripped off all of her clothing save her new bra and panties! Mandy sat there dumb struck, hardly able to speak, she was so taken aback by what was happening! Well, Dani went on, what do you think!?! Uh, stammered Mandy, very nice, very nice! I think so too, offered Dani, as she spun around in a circle to give Mandy a 360 degree look at her body, and after stepping around her desk she said, Feel the quality of this material, it's the best I've ever seen! When Mandy made no move to feel it, Dani reached out and took her hand and placed it right on her cunt, while whispering, Now, have you ever felt anything so soft and smooth in you life!?! Mandy had never touched a woman so intimately before, but she had to admit that the material in the panties was like not?hing she had ever felt! Heat was pouring out of Dani's cunt,

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Her ass looks like an egg