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#148825 - Now there was nothing left, so I became one night groom and have to spend the night with Sarah acting as if I am fucking Sarah' out of compulsion . She stretched out her hand and grabbed my cock and said, Oh God damn it… so big, so fat… and strong cock… It will definitely tear me today… Zarina is very lucky… she is going to get a daily dose of such a strong cock. You have read in my story fucked khala _ my virgin Aunt- Part-1-5 where in that after having enjoyed a full night with Noori Khala, in the next day , my marriage was to be held with My cousin ( daughter of My khala ) Sarah for the purpose of halala this entire story took place when halala was not banned by Indian laws and I had to spend a night with her as husband.

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Kaori sakuramori
That the way i like it daddy