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#24524 - Ayame looks up at Rikimarue and Merik and says Masters and then collapses on the cum covered ground, Rikimarue lifts her off the ground with dark energy as Merik opens a portal back to Rikimarues house and all three go through. As her nightmare continues Merik is using his power of regeneration to heal her body so her pussy and ass are nice and tight for all the other demons that are going to rape and gangrape her, Merick looks at Rikimarue and says If she wasn't broken before she's definately broken now . After a while Merik opens a portal and sends all five dog demons away and closes the portal, he heals her flesh and says Did you like your gift? Ayame says Yes master I loved it so much thank you .

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A galera falando da bunda mas convenhamos ela tem um rostinho lindo uns peitos gostosos e uma buceta de dar agua na boca sem falar nesse gemido delicioso