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#189913 - A man can only take teasing so long, and this impish pixie's nude nudging ignited his undeniable need for nooky. Since her innocent face indecently an inch of Pa-pa’s impressive prick, dazed daughter's dainty digits delicately drift along adored dark dong, as decadent dreams dawn as about to come true; draws half-mast heads dubiously closer; resulting in each awakening to rise for first kissing contact, as continuing to increase incline cock lifts lass’s upper ooh-aahing lip; next nudging nymphet’s nose (she smells master-of-home's manly aroma), for instant guy’s ‘one-eye’ to teen’s two (cross-eyed, too close) stare, then plumping penis points past navel on nearby man-of-her-dreams bare body. With head of his hard dick denting her hymen, he gives her free reign as she wiggles her fanny, humps her rump, tugs with giddy-up heal action, and hugs to sandwich her white marshmallow melons meeting his hard chocolate chest (:) whimpers s-more? as her elastic sex-sleeve sin

Read Ecuador Oji-san to, 30 Sazae de Hitoban Dou? - Splatoon Sweet Oji-san to, 30 Sazae de Hitoban Dou?

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