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#187397 - I sit down with legs wide open and start to play with my cock which is nice and wet from C’s cum, Mandy wonders over and leans forward with her hands on my knees and kisses me on the lips her tongue come out and invades my mouth she all but licks my mouth dry with this big wet swirling tongue of hers. Shaun has his eyes on the black guy in the film and Mandy is sucking like mad her head is bobbing up and down and Shaun is holding her head C is now telling me to fuck her hard and fuck her arse I am now fully erect and pumping like mad I can see all this going on and boy it is fucking good to see. Funk me it is huge how can a guy so small have such a big cock I am now looking with envy as mine is not a patch on the size of his one.

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Atsushi toushirou
She needs to do more love the cream pie
I love how you move your body
Love the looks