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#320332 - We finished washing each other of, when we were done i carried Laura to my bedroom placed her on the bed and went to get clothes from the room and put both her clothes and mine in the wash i went back into the bedroom and we both slid under the quilt and feel asleep. All I saw next was Chloe running out of the room and the door being slammed, it opened again as Chloe come back in still crying and shouted “it’s over” and walked back out, I was still in shock that she hit me, Laura started clearing everyone out, when everyone was gone she came back into the room where I was sat on the floor, “are you ok” she asked “yea I suppose, what about you” I replied “I’m ok, can I get you anything or would you like me to leave” I couldn’t think so I just asked if she could leave, after Laura had gone I stood up and started tidying the flat and then went to bed, I woke up in morning to the smell of toast. yea in the sitting room gone on through” I replied, I closed the door then went into my bedro

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