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#16768 - Funny I guess, but I am older than my mother-in-law, though yes: I call her Mae (mother) – only 2 years mind! My wife and sister-in-law, Nui, both worked every day; Mae had recently resigned after a dispute at her hospital, and I had been retrenched – but comfortable enough on my savings and superannuation to live well and support the family. I moved one hand and lightly brushed my nails down the side of her neck, across her shoulder, inducing a shudder, while my mouth continued lightly kissing and now suckling on the other side, and my free hand dropping from her breast to stroke downwards to her belly-button (feeling the folds of fat across her abdomen, already deciding they were erotic!) and on to the pubic hair now rubbing against my own when she sat all the way down, as my prick sensuously stroked up and in. My wife had enjoyed sex before we married, but seemed suddenly to turn off after that, so it was stressful to push myself to her against her wishes, and her desires were f

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