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#36330 - Back in the office, she was sitting at her desk and nobody seemed any the wiser, so I just said ‘Hello’ and did my own thing. I pushed the head only past the very small resistance of her gaping vagina and pulled back only to repeat the performance instantly about a dozen times until finally I pushed in for my full 7 inches crashing the pubic hair at the roots of my stalk with a dull squelching noise into the curves of her ample bottom! She drew in her breath as she instantly thrust back against my push and continued to rock against my thrusting, heaving thighs as we both watched her sexually ecstatic smile in the mirror and her huge tits (with large brown, rock hard nipples like ‘walnut whips’) bouncing about in the basin!!!!! She came first which was good because I’d have had difficulty waiting for her and when I’d cum the places where we touched (front of my thighs and backs of hers) were soaking wet. First one cheek, then the other over and over again for 5 minutes?… 10 min

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Toi kuji
Soo hot
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