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#206882 - John put his arms out and Heather stepped into his arms and they kissed with tongues, while kissing John slipped her dress of her shoulders as it fell to the ground she stepped out of it then John undid her bra and took it off her and dropped it to the floor then her panties slipped down her legs and she kicked them off and they laid back on the bed and continued kissing John had an idea he wanted to try with her so he stopped kissing her and told her to stand up and go to the end of her bed which she did, John walked behind her and told her to face her bed which she did he came up behind her and lifted one leg up on the bed rest of her bed which was easy since she was so flexible then he put her other leg up while supporting her waist he then moved in behind her and slipped his hard cock back into her cum filled pussy and started to fuck her again Heather loved this position as she could feel all the ridges along his cock every time he pulled out and pushed back in her, John fucked he

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