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#267045 - A-all the time, she groaned, I can't help it, it just stays hard all the time! Do you wear panties? Roni asked gently. If anyone had cared to notice, Veronica Knight was joining in and taking off her clothes as well! When everyone was naked, Roni suggested, Now let's form a circle with our chairs so we everyone can see everyone else! That's better, Roni offered gently, now let's all spread our legs so each of us can see what everyone's got hidden down there! As they had been instructed in a letter received earlier, all the ladies had shaven their vaginal lips smooth, leaving each of them especially vulnerable as well as available! No one said a word, but the sound of shallow breathing soon filled the room! As everyone looked at everyone else vulvas gradually puffed up and each and every clit became extremely engorged! Mary thought that she had it bad, but a couple of the women had clits that were truly stunning! Mary's protruded a good inch

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