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#25599 - kyle came over to me and said leon we need to talk i couldnt even look at kyle so i walked straight past him as if he wasnt there but that hurt me so much inside knowing how much i loved him and how much he had hurt me. havrvey came behind me and said im sorry for being a jerk can i have a cig please i gave him one then i felt his hand on my ass he was smiling at me but for some strange reason i did not stop him from touching me i just looked deep into his eyes (the after school detention bell rang) so i picked up my bag to leave but harvey was blocking the door move out of my way please harvey i was tired and i couldnt be bothered to have a go at him.

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Ryuunosuke fujinami
Ohhh i thought i saw the rake that day i got so scared
Mai tokiha
Vana best girl
Mika mikage
Love the vid wish someone would make me into a girl