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#148070 - its good i stuttered out as she caught me off guardshe sat down next to me at the table then she turned to me and askeddoes my ass look good in these shortswhat? i asked shocked at the forwardness of her questioni noticed you looking at it mina said glancing around usshe then grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast as she pulled me in closenobodys around, rem can i tell you something?sure i said as i felt my thumb rub against her nipple causing it to poke upi want to be dominated by another woman she wispered into my earwhy are you telling me? i asked as she put her hand on my thighi want you to make me your bitch she said as she spread my legs apartwe have 7 minutes until break is over and im at your command mistress she said as she rubbed her fingers across my legthis got me wet knowing how easily we could get caught but at the same time to have a cute girl completely at my command. for thirty minutes she came over and over until i was satisfied. i began hump

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