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#163252 - Our conversation came abruptly to an end as Kendra Lead a couple of older looking gentlemen into the room, they smiled as they saw us, girls, especially the one on the right who was clearly eyeing my tits with his deep blue eyes, they both were caucasian men, probably in their mid 40’s, one with a beard and the other cleanly shaven, both had short, dark hair and were of similar height with what could only be described as dad bod physiques. I leaned in, looking past Kendra to see if we were still alone, trying to be discreet with our conversation, I lowered my voice as I answered, ” well I started off with a head to toe massage and allowed him to touch me a little, then he wanted me to continue in just my underwear, saying you do that for him all the time, I hope that's true?. “suck that big, white cock, baby!” I heard, causing me to open my eyes and snap my neck over to see Lily between James's legs, she was keenly blowing his long, 7-inch shaft on her hands and knees, p

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