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#225356 - The evil man went into me without remorse and fucked me simultaneously with his sons. I kissed my own mother and I was enjoying it was turning me on and she was kissing me back licking my tongue and biting my lips in an sexy manner, I kissed her back roughly sticking my tongue down her throat and began to feel her breast, I slowly went down her body and began kissing and sucking her already erect nipples, she moaned in delight and I continued not forgetting to do her other breast. “The last day of school your mums going on holiday!” I groaned and said “How am I going to fuck her then?” my dad laughed and said “I was sup post to go with her, you’ll go instead and I and Kevin will stay home with the sisters!” We all laughed until Kevin said “Dad what you planning for Mel!” I actually wondered that too and said “I keeping her in the shed all week and tying her up in there and fuck her senseless!” I laughed and so did Kevin and Kevin said “I’m going to Tie Naomi in

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