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#53314 - One was Jody she’s the one we were sent to get and the other was Jackie, she wasn’t supposed to be here she was supposed to be with some friends but at the last minute changed her mind and came along and now wishes she hadn’t. I gave her four more loads and one in her mouth before I said I need to get back to my men, she begged me to stay another day but I promised to be back one day and we could do it some more, with each of us knowing that probably wouldn’t happen but we hoped. I said look you guys go on, I’ll babysit them for that part, have fun and fuck one for me and I’ll see you clowns in two days.

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Litchi faye ling
I wish i had a big dick i could ride
Get someone else to film the industry really needs to take the camera out of the guys hand and let a neutral party film who knows what they are doing