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#39996 - Go right on in, Mrs. Marie was a originally from France, and Bailey never got tired of hearing the young woman speak in her thick French accent! Good morning ma'am, Marie said pleasantly, and what does Madame wish to have done today!?! Good morning, Marie Bailey replied, I'm in a bit of a rush, so let's just go with the haircut today, okay? Oui, Madame, the usual, asked Marie, the vulva nice and clean with just a trim on your upper bush? Sounds like a winner to me, Bailey answered quickly, while removing all of the clothing below her waist and hopping up into the reclining barber chair and putting her legs in the two rests leaving her vagina exposed for eas?y access! Marie started a pan of hot water, and while she was waiting for it to fill, she sat down on the stool between Bailey's legs and ran her hand through the thick dark bush that covered Bailey's twat and offered, Madame has let her private hair get very long, it's definitely time

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Rosette christopher
Nice skirt
And they said engame was the most ambitous crossover ever
Oh my god sumptuously
Mari kurihara
Fuck this has to be the hottest thing ive seen