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#71011 - Also read The Virgin Going Parking at The Local Park A Runaway Week End at The Bensonand Am I Normal part 1. If you want to make comments or questions about any of these stories please ask? I only got on these sites to write about her fantasy's as I thought they were so good and did not want to see them lost! This morphed into writing about things we actually did and has also made me appreciate her all the more for who she is and what I have had! There are a number of stories posted here based on her and my fantasy's and many are about black men! There are two stories about black men that run from romance to harsh sex that are based on these fantasy's! One is titled Gambling My Wife and Black Business Partner and the other is titled Divorce a Job at K-Mart and a New Young Black Manager! Both were written for black men that were taken by some of my wife's pictures as a young woman! They are what I think, and how she would react to all of the things

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