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#208743 - She removed the towel as it felt to the floor Greywind then lay down on top of her body to keep her warm she kept moaning into his mouth as he kept growling and snarling into her mouth they pull apart as they looked into each other eyes she whisper god your sexy as hell fuck me Fuck me the best you’ll ever fuck any wolf or women’s cause I’ve known you have bang a few of them when we travel into war. Soon she heard an rustling outside their tent she quickly grab an knife and held it tightly in her hand who there I have an weapon with me there was no answer her let out quiet breath as the rustling started to move into the tent her eyes widen in surprise as Robb Stark direwolf Greywind came inside the tent staring at Tailsa Stark with curious eyes. She wrap her arms around the wolf neck and whisper sexily Kiss Me.

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