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#340391 - Dan positioned himself between Alicia's slim thighs and lined up his erection against the opening of her pussy, while Alex looked over at the older boy, and taking his cue, did the same to Donna, getting his cock head up to the portal of pleasure! On a signal from Dan, both of them slowly pushed their peckers into the steaming slits of the two virgin teenagers, taking their time so as not to cause them any undue pain. Alicia joked, I wonder what its like to get fucked on a pool table!?! Everyone laughed, the naughty remark serving as an ice breaker, because everyone seemed to be a little tense! Dan turned on some music, took Alicia in his arms, and gave her a long deep kiss on the mouth, which Alicia returned with passionate heat! They pulled apart and Dan made a suggestion, I think that Alex and I should sit down on the couch and watch you two girl strip for us, it would get everybody in the swing of things!!! Both girls exchanged glances and Donna replied, Okay, as long as

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