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#44304 - part 4- 3 weeks latter You have decided to leave me chained in the dungeon while you are at work thinking some time in the dark would be good for Your spirited little slave. When you walk in you see me standing my arms untied pressing the walls trying to find a week spot? “hungry?” you throw a bowl of oatmeal in front of me I glare at you but I lean down and try my best to eat it. You get a large grin on your face as you think of all the ways you would love to brake me tie me up and most of all hear me beg for you.

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Da muito tesao quando ela revira os olhos
Yoko ritona
More content you capture some good angles for that body onlyfans or something
Big thanks
Mei irizaki
Pretty dress was it from wal mart
Marisa kirisame
Whom ever is luck enough to be in a relationship with her is absolutely lucky as hell