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#130704 - Mrs M was about 35 ish with nice boobs, legs and butt although she was a bit chunky around the middle. I heard the shower running and thought that was a good idea so I knocked and asked if I could join her, “sure” she said so I opened the door to see the shampoo bottle sliding in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her clit. Brian looked around and said “Danny’s missing” We all looked at each other, “what do we do?” The moans and grunts were getting pretty loud so Brian opened the door and switched on the light yelling angrily “Danny you sneaky bastard!!” Danny was obviously just finishing his last few squirts and Mrs M had her legs and arms wrapped around him humping at him as she said “Oh god that’s good, keep going, don’t stop, don’t stop” Brian dragged Danny off but Mrs M just lay there spread eagled with her pussy gaping and dripping spunk as we crowded round for a good look.

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