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#39949 - “Wait” he said he may have another house for you to redo, under the same conditions as this one if I was interested. I tried not to stare, but it was hard not to with those beauties in your face, I looked up into her eyes and smiled a ‘thank you’. He told me it depended on who was in the store or outside and his mood, hell he knew I was underage and also remember when he was young” “Sounded like a great guy” ”Yeah he was, heard he passed a few years ago I was on the road at the time, heard about it from the new store owners, nice people just not the same” “Yep never can go home, rather childhood home anyway things change to fast now days” “Yeah that’s the way of things, well gonna go see you later Dave” “Later Bill” Paid for my stuff and headed back to the house noticed the kids were out of school and there was this one particular girl standing by the café’s dumpster that caught my eye.

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Mount lady
Come here daddy
Leaf lang de shar harva
These are the best in my opinion 0min44s 2min09s 2min10s 3min16s 3min28s does someone know their names