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#62441 - THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Boneman Twas the night before Christmas, and there in the house: Laid passed out sweet Mary, in her panties and blouse: Her stockings where clipped to her garterbelt with care: And sticking out of the sides of her panties, was a few pubic hairs: Her pussy lips were nestled in her silk panties of red: As she laid their drunk, with her legs slightly spread: Her pussy so inviting, something I longed to lap: If she woke up I would take my stun gun, and give her a zap: Before I broke into her house, I emptied my bladder: My cock was so hard, It was never longer or fatter: Away from her window I flew in a flash: I snuck into her house, to go get me some gash: God how I longed to get my hands on this hoe: I figured I'de start out by fucking her slow: Before I entered the house, I downed one more beer: As Mary kept on sleeping, having nothing to fear: I went though the backdoor, really quietly and quick: Then took off my c

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