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#91988 - 00 mom waves him goodbye then comes to wake me up, we have some playtime then she makes breakfast, we watch TV, have sex then shower, we do chores and run errands, get back have sex, get in the shower, which usually leads to more sex, mom then cooks dinner, dad comes home and i just hang around until i go to bed. I gripped her hair again and pulled back and began jerking infront of mom's face. You're probably right, why dont we get some coffee while we're here? Dad suggested Okay, sounds like a plan, get some gas, then order some coffee at the diner, by the time the coffee arrives we'll have some shopping and we'll dump it in the car Mom replied, dad got out of the car and walked to the gas pump, i got out and followed mom round the side to the stores, she was walking faster than usual, she walked past the enterance and went around the otherside near the dumpsters.

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