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#286816 - So Rocky grabbed Denise by her hair & shoved his dong down her throat, as Denise kept an eye out on the screen as she was curious what would happen next ? Chapter 2- Next Denise couldnt believe what she saw next , as Nina was led into the bedroom , Rocky had another woman already tied to the headboards of his kingsize bed, later she would learn that the womans name was Bev , and like Denise she was in her fifties, married and with big tits 42dds. Right and left fists in both cunts as all you could hear was uuuugh, aaahh ,thats feels sooo goood master from both Nina and Bev. Is it better than your wimp husbands prick asked Rocky yes Bev replied , Melvin is a wimp compared to you he has a needledick she proclaimed .

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