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#45161 - It was a sad end to the relationship but I had grown in confidence with women and knew that there was nothing wrong with the mingewrecker, now that I knew how to use. T at school where many of the guys called me a freak and I was relentlessly bullied, this led me to become introvert and I lost all confidence especially with girls whom I was afraid would also ridicule my manhood if I were foolish enough to let them see it, and so it was that when I left school it was with a great deal of relief. My cock was crying out for release but I did not like to masturbate it in front of her but I needn’t have worried as soon as she recovered she sat me on the sofa and after removing her knickers she straddled my legs and slipped my knob end into her hot pussy and without so much as a yelp she sank onto its full length, her hot pussy felt great as it rested on my balls and she began to ride me vigorously her hot hole rising and falling on my hot cock as she bucked herself closer to orgasm, I c

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