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#220955 - So she then decided she was going to have my cock, her chance came the next day when a delivery of hay arrived and all the girls went out to get it in, her grandmother busted her with my cock halfway in her. Her grandmother's climax was easing off now and I told my daughter (Louise) to sit on the bed as we had to talk, she sat but left me a little dumb founded when she started playing with my cock while it was still buried in her grandmother, at which point Sophia started to come again, this was getting out of hand, what if one of her daughters came in to check on me, Louise snuggled into me and told me that she had been aware of sex since her third operation and that every time anyone touched her down there she came, so they had suggested that she was ready to go home (as the young male doctors were a little perplexed by her), especially when one on them tried to examine her and she had grabbed his hand and shoving his fingers inside her, she came, the young man took a leave


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Kyousuke kousaka
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