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#124671 - I met a girl who walked the street, I have to say she really looked sweet, Tight skirt of leather and lace, Long hair framed a pretty face, Didn’t take much more than a glance, To realize I wanted to get into her pants, Next time I saw her walking by, I chugged my beer and went over to say ‘Hi,’ She asked me if I wanted to go out, What she did for a living, there was no doubt, Just to make sure there is no misconception, I normally don’t pay, this was an exception, The girl looked so fine and seemed so nice, I figured she might be worth the price, So I headed home in a mad dash, Reached into a drawer and grabbed some cash, I went back and grabbed her by the hand, Fully expecting a one night stand, The first time we rented a room, It was quick, just ‘bing, bam, boom,’ But we started meeting here and there, It soon becoming a regular affair, Got to a point where it was ‘What the heck?’ I should just sign and give her my check, But this girl could really do it all,

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Shinano toushirou
I need talk with her
Naga the serpent
Kaoru mashiko
Mmmm good
Paul bunyan
Shoulda went pro wit that face on god
She got nice thick ass
Haruto aoi
Clitorizao da porra