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#11273 - So clive went on his knees and started at my ankles rubbing very firmly but gently before working his way up my legs to my thighs, Rodger was watching the whole time, then i noticed Rodger had a hard on and to be honest mine was growing too as Clive stroked away, i closed my eyes, it felt so nice, it was giving me butteflies as he carressed all over. He really went for it now, fucking me hard and fast, holding onto my ankles as my legs rested on his shoulders, i was moaning like mad, fuck me fuck me i shouted, he was doing me so hard now, wrap your sexy legs around my back he said, and i didn't hesitate in wrapping my thighs around his waist, Rodger was just layng beside us wanking off to us fucking and making himself cum again and again, Rodger was then kneeling beside us stroking and kissing my legs as they were locked around clives back. be my guest rodger said, i don't mind watching for a while.

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