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#222324 - The rest of the way which was about 30 mins,yeh my daughter been making me cum for over 1 hour and bit,we spoke only about normal things,last thing i told her was,il text her one night before we go out,il tell you what to wear,after night out with mum and me,during that night il text you,you must answer questions and we are done,no more talk about it. Iam so close my feet are still,but my hips are going for it,in and out as my cock goes up and down my daughter cleavage,looking her boobs shake as my balls bang her boobs,such a turn on watching them shake,i move harder short strokes,fucking her boobs,speeding up slowly looking at them shake,i move faster and harder for a few strokes before holding my mouth shut as so my wife wont hear me moan,i shoot first part of cum all over Lauren`s neck,the second on her face,i grab her hand she wanks the rest all over her big boobs as her dad holds them together,shooting jets of cum to send Lauren`s big boobs soaking with my cum. After her t

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