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#306262 - Being as the girls were eighteen years old, Joe was surprised at the huge differences in tit shape as well as the different thicknesses of pubic hair. Besides, the scenery at the school was nothing short of spectacular! The little bitches who attended the exclusive private school never even gave him a second glance, and as far as they were concerned he didn't even exist, but that was O. When the system was operational it was nearly invisible to the naked eye! Joe now had a perfect view of the whole shower room! He set up a portable VCR and monitor in the back of his van, and with a range of 300 feet Joe could park a good distance from the gymnasium and still get good reception! Before he would get out of his truck in the morning, he would flip on the recorder with and eight hour tape so that any action that took place would be taped for later viewing at his leisure.

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