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#78378 - She coughed a few times, trying to get her breath back, Adonis did not know why but he felt sorry Amy just looked at him and smiled he could resist no longer and smiled back at her. One winter night a small group of wolves rode to the town, they had grown tired of our leaders trying to negotiate our freedom and wanted to tip the scales; they slaughtered everything that drew breath even other wolves that had gone there for a warm meal one a cold night then they burned the town to cinders. ”Adonis said moving his hand to the hilt of his sword “You dare stand against the prince, those two escaped his custody” said the princes second in command “You mean his leash” Adonis said “do not try to fool me with words cur” “You fought against the foxes during the rebellions, you said so yourself they were the enemy and now you protect them, why” the prince said silencing his second “The wars were long ago and I will see none caged like a wild beast, to be a toy to princes that hid i

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