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#8264 - Lina was way to curious now to turn back she moved closer with Naga behind her trying to get a better look at what the men had roasting on those huge roasting pits, when Lina got about as close to the pits as she could, still hiding in the large row of bushes that lined the dirt road she could see the pit closest to her had a very beautiful young girl who couldn’t have been much older then herself fully impaled rotating on this spit over the fire, and what shocked Lina most of all is, THESE GIRLS ARE STILL ALIVE!! she shouted to Naga her disbelief, causing the men around them to hear her and charge into the bush after them. Lina being the only one left conscious took her time deciding how best to get back at Naga for years of insults to her chest, then with a look over at one of the girls slowly roasting alive on the spit Lina had a stoke of brilliance, using a series of fireball spells Lina cut a third pit not far from the three already in use by the lovely young ladies, with

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