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#38034 - I was never this excited before. Reaching bedroom I found the bed undone and called Tushar he was there quickly, Why is the bed undone?I asked He answered shivering I forgot mistress How can you forgot you moron lay across that fucking bed bastard I tied both his legs to different ends stretching farthest taking out the belt from the closet and gave 20 on each cheeks with 10 on the testicles, he was crying in pain,leaving him in the same position i headed to couch to sleep thinking about the delivery tomorrow. I sat and called him Come here slave I need your services he was there in mili seconds Lick me to an orgasm baby and lick me clean afterwards pulling down the leggings he used his tongue to lick me to three orgasm afterwards took all the cum and licked me clean.

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Thats how i met my husband 3
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