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#370331 - She slowed her actions to a slow slide in and out and my head lolled against her large mounds, my cheek rubbing against her fabric covered hard nipple. She circled me, hungrily looking over my 16 year old body, I was pale skinned, my tits had only developed as big as half oranges, pale pink aureoles topped with darker pink nipples which puckered under her scrutiny, a bald tight slit (I hadn’t grown many pubes but enjoyed it bare so I shaved regularly), I carried very little weight being perceived as petite but with a nice pert bottom. Her breath had quickened, her top lip covered in beads of sweat, biting her bottom lip in between licking her top one, her nipples partially hidden by the heavy fabric of her dressing gown had to be hard now as distinctive bumps protruded straining against the confines of the material.

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