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#136787 - Eventually I would find out that this was caused by a rare anomaly in the human genome that dates back to the time when humans came down from the trees, simply put; humans have not evolved as much as we have thought or humans have evolved so much that the only way to evolve more is to include their beginnings into the human make-up creating human animal hybrids (Furries as some call them). This lasted for about ten minutes until I came inside her again, and then sounds of Lynda rousing signalled the point to stop at as I was still unsure about her seeing us like this even though she herself has been in this position. The smell overwhelmed me as I felt myself pulled down to her honey pot which despite the fur that was already there was trimmed into a Brazilian line where it petered off to a soft fine fur which lined her crotch coming just short of her outer labia.

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Mahiro yasaka
I feel you dawg
Tamaki kotatsu
Her ass is perfection i d love to bounce mine against it