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#17512 - By now it was dark once more, Joy had been going for nearly 24 hours with a short break, so I began to tell the guys to finnish up, and fill her holes with what every cum they had left, or mine, so she could get some rest, soon we both had guys fucking us both, our holes quickly filled with cum, then when they were all happy, we had one last piss session, and let them use us to empty thier bladders too. I held off, watching my wife take this massive animal was so horny, as guys watched her shaking wildly as he flooded her pussy with his cum, I just had to try and eat what ran out of her. By now I knew he felt bigger than the other horse, the flared end larger around seemed to jam inside my ass, then with another push it went in, all the way too as my screams told the guys aound me.

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