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#68946 - When the plane arrived Ashlee ran off the plane before everyone else, she saw Lukas and ran over to him and gave him a hug (you know the whole cousin crap). After the hug Lukas said: this is my mate Dylan and she said nice two meat you I’m Ashlee, then we got her bag’s and started heading to the car, as we were heading to the car Lukas court me checking cousin out Ashlee, he said: Dude you even think about her in that way I’ll kick you in head, I said sorry then we got in the car and headed off. Ashlee jumped in the shower and was on my couch butt naked trying two clean the cum out of it then Lukas open’s the front door and see me and say’s what the fuck are you doing naked wile Courtney and Krystal were staring at my cock.

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