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#97764 - She then rolled over putting her arm around me whispering in a sort of panting breath that she was glad I was home and jacking off when she came, at this moment I got a smell of her perfume which smelled like a mix of strawberries and flowers, it was glorious and I knew I would never forget this as I responded with,” so did I ” and a little chuckle she chuckled a little too and we laid there cuddled next to each other I pulled my comforter over us to keep us warm from the sealing fan blowing air on are sweating bodies. She then took the towel where it was connected and split it and laid it on the floor beneath her and took my swelling cock in her hand and started to go up and down such as I would with my hand when I was home alone and soon found she was now sucking on it taking my whole cock into her mouth as if it where a sucker or ice cream sickle. During the week someone’s always home so if I really have to I’ll go to the bathroom and do it but this past week I’ve saved up so it’l

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Need my man ryan madison to do a scene with her we need to see a double creampie balls deep vote for yes