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#371398 - It was good soreness, however, and as she turned over to go back to sleep her mind drifted off thinking about tonight, and all the other nights that would be forth coming while a small smile crossed her face as the image of Father Paul’s huge cock danced in her head. Now as her finger flew over her distended clitty, Father Paul’s prick suddenly and without warning began to spasm violently in her mouth as load after load of hot cum rocketed down her unsuspecting throat! As the very first blast slammed into her mouth, her pussy convulsed out of control as it contracted over and over again in a final orgasmic rush! Sister Katie slipped backwards onto the floor with her legs still splayed open and her glassy eyes staring at the Father’s huge cock hanging semi hard and as if getting ready for some more action. Gratifying in that she knew that she was doing the Lord’s work in calming the demon spirit that seemed to habituate Father Paul’s organ.

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Mmm wish i could taste you
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