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#266819 - Baker certainly isn't carrying a weapon is he!?! Uh, well no, Ives replied slowly, it's just that I don't like it, that's all!!! Well you're on the record if anything goes wrong, she replied smoothly, so if you'll please excuse us, we can get started!!! When they were finally alone, Caitlyn Waters picked up Stu's file and asked softly, Is it tough being a black man in prison without being a member of a gang!?! What is this, he asked slowly, and what do you care how tough it is, it's not skin off your nose!?! She gave him a thin smile, got up and walked around to the front of her desk where she sat down on in front of him and replied softly, The reason I called for you is that I think we can help each other out!!! How can I help you, he asked suspiciously!?! Her skirt had slid high up on her thigh, exposing the top of her stockings, and it instantly dawned on Stu what she had in mind as she sat there silently waiting for him

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Ichika takatsuki
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Wwwooow perfect eyes i love that hentai
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