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#306634 - She looked sick but at this point I was too horny and I wanted to spank some ass even if it was my sister’s. Susan started walking towards me “stop” I told her “stand with your face to the wall and pull your shorts down I will spank you while you are standing up” “but…” she started “but what?” “do I really have to pull my shorts down I am not wearing any panties” “well then being spanked on a bare ass is your fault now pull down those shorts and stand with your face towards wall and let’s get over with it will we?” she blushed and as I stood up I realized that I was still wearing only boxers and there is a huge tent in them huge enough that both of them stared at it before susan asked “what is That? Why did it get that big” “just put your face towards the wall and shut up would you?” she nodded and did as I asked I went behind her and hold her waist and grabbed her waist towards me with her boobs still pressed against the wall making them flat on the wall which made me harder as I pul

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Why is he built so wide
Kashuu kiyomitsu
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