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#58592 - We shared a passionate three-way kiss then fell asleep with Hannah on my right and Lilly on my left and I drifted off to sleep in peace my limp dick slowly shriveling up then I dozed off. “What now?” “Something to remember us in your dreams” and they french-kissed each other. “Awwwww you bought me my favorite baby bottle” “Uh huh that’s right take a sip big baby” I did and grimaced “God this shit’s super fucking strong” and handed it back only to have a belt shoved in my mouth and she said “Now this is gonna hurt you’re dying okay and I’m gonna save you” and kissed my right cheek then took her index fingers and pulled open my shoulder wound first and I bit on that belt hard as I could till my teeth went numb and watched her and felt my skin splitting apart then she took the tweezers and pulled the first bullet out of shoulder with difficulty I moaned sweat breaking out all over my body blood pouring everywhere which she sucked up then poured the whiskey into my shoulder and I

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