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#76080 - Sammy was moaning and wriggling about on the bed and my wife Amy making slurping noises and she was enjoying it, well they both were, I tried to speak but all that came out was a slight mumble which was enough to make Amy take her face out of my daughters pussy and look at me, my head started to spin and I started to feel faint, I can explain, it's not as bad as you think cried Amy, I started to run downstairs to head for the door and as I opened it I heard Sammy say daddy please come back I ran for the car started it and went driving, my phone started ringing like crazy I new it was Amy trying to explain, but how can you explain that, I need to get away and get a drink, so I went to this pub run in sweating with a shocked look on my face, I stayed at the pub until I was feeling good enough to go home and confront my wife, driving back intoxicated I managed to get home, I put my key in the door and let a huge sigh, before entering I looked in the living room and saw the clock

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Chihiro fushimi
That was super hot thanks so much for sharing
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