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#283863 - I looked to wards you at the door and she followed my gaze, I looked at her, a knowing but dirty look that said “I’m so hungry, how about you” her look told me she understood and defiantly agreed! We separated and both smiled at you, you looked a little scared at first, but you came in, lay yourself between us, stretched out your arms and said “ take me girls, I’m all yours” as you closed your eyes and smiled. I moved my hand downwards towards her baldness, slipping over her freshly waxed pussy, finding her now rather swollen clit, I pressed firmly against it, holding tight so as not to wake her, again I waited for her body to except me in her sleep and not wake her, she stirred slightly breathing more rapidly, I took my finger away and slipped it into my mouth, returning it directly to her clit, I felt it hardened at my touch, she gasped, as she opened her eyes, I forced it in fast, she looked shocked as we got eye contact, she arched her back, she was in orgasm, she reached ou

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