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#43205 - INCOMING: PERCIVAL She tapped the green button to answer “Morning Mr Gregory, is everything okay?” “Good morning Charlotte” he replied “Apologies if I’m intruding, I just wanted to see if everything was alright? Did you sleep well?” “Everything’s fine” she replied “I had a really weird nightmare, but I think I may have a drink too many” she replied sheepishly “I’ll replace the bottle of whiskey” “No need child” Percival replied, a smile on his face “I’ve already said you can take anything, I have plenty in the cellar” He smiled again “Oh, and I get a lot of people say they get unusual dreams the first night they stay here, they’ll be gone tonight, don’t worry” “Thank you” Charlie replied, sitting on the bed “I wanted to ask, can you get down to the beach from here? The sun is looking so nice this morning” “There is” Percival replied “It’s actually a private beach that I own. Boss lowered Charlie down, and watched in delighted as she squirmed, fighting the inevitable. She angri

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