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#76190 - holy shit i thought excuse me i said and stated to leave when she said whats your hurry hon ? thats when i noticed there was a plexiglass wall dividing my side of the booth from hers a quarter machine was on the wall next to it she told me to sit down and if i just wanted to talk to feed the quarter monster so that the red light above my head would go out otherwise some guys would bust the door down and kick the shit out of me not wanting my shit kicjed i complied my names Beth whats yours ? i shakily replied James are you ok sugar ? she said in a sweet as molasses southern drawl your eyes are about to pop out do believe uhhuh was all i could muster she was wearing a teddy bear nightie and nothng else she looked like she was maybe 14 but swore she was 19 we chatted for a few turns out we were both from the same county in kentucky just opposite sides of it she asked if i would like to get a blow job or a fuck ? my mind was blown um ok i said well a straight f

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Iroha isshiki
Fucking hard
Kyaru | kiruya momochi
Soo mean soo hot
Tetsuo takahashi
Brilliant tongue shot
Midori kisaragi
I love big meat
Thanks bb
Dragon kid
Anyone want to fuck