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#295648 - she worked in the jewelery Department and was always flirting with me and so did I back and fort till it got to the point touching lightly at work she would come to the stock room when nobody was there and start chatting with me and flirting a lot like usual there were lots of racks of clothes ligned up from the door all the way to the back so it was very hard to find anyone there so she came around and walked up to me without a word she grabbed me and pulled me close to her she kissed me very passionately with her full lucious lips her tongue started to play with mine and we were embraced for what seemed like 2 minutes of just full blown kissing wet and sloppy but very sweet indeed. I worked retail since I was sixteen and have dealt mostly with women trough out my jobs this particualr took place in an outlet store.

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Anita king
I need to see more of the lady with her hair french braided or in pigtails such a sexy look on you