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#144407 - ” So after Uncle Jed was all finished learnin’ me all about peckers and ladies, he said, “Now, Jethro, I want y’all to remember that there ain’t no reason to be ashamed of yer pecker going all hard and swoll up like that. I think a snake done bit it and it might fall off. ” I ran out the kitchen real quick, ‘cause I seen in the past how handy Granny is with that skillet of hers, and then I considered on it for a while, and I reckoned that it must be ‘cause she ain’t got no fella to put his pecker in her special place no more, so maybe peckers is a sore point with her when they’s a-swoll up like that.

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Fuu hououji
Noriko takaya
Shooting your dick up with viagra will do that lol